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Another 'Roaring Success' for Wetherby Lions

(Photo - left to right Lion Julie Wood and Lion President John Boulton )

New Lion Julie

Lion President John Boulton takes one of the latest recruits through the Lionistic investiture ceremony. Lion Julie, commented "that since she began helping Wetherby Lions (as one of Santa’s elves on the Sleigh rounds) she also feels now that she can contribute to something worthwhile - and put something back in to the community she loves being a part of". Julie has enjoyed wide ranging experiences in her career, in various roles across industries as diverse as law, healthcare and technology. She now look to seek out roles within Lionism.


(Photo - left to right Membership Chair Lion Chris, Lion Peter Burr and Lion President John Boulton)

New Lion Peter

Lion President John Boulton takes another new Lion Peter Burr through the Lionistic investiture ceremony. Lion Peter has worked and supported various local organisations and charity groups in our community, recently retiring from being 'Community Champion' for a well known Wetherby supermarket. He has various interests including scuba diving, sailing, following Formula 1 motor racing and is currently researching his family history. One of Peter’s initial projects is to prepare a new event for the Club so look out for it as it could be a real ‘Bull’s Eye’ for everyone to get involved in – more details coming soon on this News Blog.

For fifty two years Wetherby District Lions Club members have been helping individuals and organisations in times of need assisted by the generosity of the people of the Wetherby district.

If you would like to help your community we would love to hear from you so please contact us by telephoning 0845 833 9529, completing the contact form on our website or sending an email to Likewise if you need help in any way with a local project, please get in touch.

We look forward to your continued support.

John Boulton

President of Wetherby District Lions Club 2017/18

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