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A Thank You from James

James visited our last Lions Meeting to say thank you for the donation and to tell us all about his amazing Jamboree adventure.

Back in 2021 James applied, along with 1000’s of UK applicants, to earn a place at the 25th World Scout Jamboree 2023 in South Korea. In November 2021, following a selection camp weekend which included team building activities and an individual interview, he was chosen to represent Central Yorkshire Scouts as part of Unit 37.

Once selected James had to fundraise £3,800, which covered his training camps, travel to Korea, accommodation and kit. A proportion also went into the Dream Fund helping dis-advantaged Scouts from the UK and across the worldwide to ensure all young people had the chance to benefit from this amazing opportunity.

Over the next 18 months, James and his family held many fundraising events including, plant and gift stalls, children’s games at St’ James Church fete, various raffles and a great evening of sheep racing, which some Lions also attended. Wetherby Lions donated £350

In July 2023, 45,000 scouts from all across the world landed in South Korea for the three-week adventure. James told us all about the Jamboree itself, the highs and lows of the fluctuating conditions, how the event changed and the Scouts adapted to the well published situation. The scouts met others from different countries, sharing stories and learning about different cultures. They tried different foods, explored the beautiful city of Seoul and visited the demilitarised zone leading to North Korea. The young people faced many challenges but worked together to overcome difficulties and come back with tales from an adventure of a life time.

James with most of the pride at this months meeting

Do you know a young person who would benefit from a grant towards a project, equipment or something else?

Application for a grant is by completion of a 'Grant Request Form', click here to download.

You can also call Lion Ken Campbell, our 'Grants & Community Service' Committee Chair, on 0345 833 9529

- please leave a message if not answered. OR write to him here


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