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About Wetherby Lions

Covering the town of Wetherby and the surrounding villages in the district, Wetherby Lions are the local representatives of Lions Clubs International (LCI), the largest and most successful Non-Government Organisation involved in service and charity.
Focussing mainly on local issues - supporting the young and elderly, we are still able to respond to national and international events through our membership of LCI, knowing that any funds that we send to an international disaster zone will be handled by like-minded lions locally. 
Lion members come from all walks of life and give their time freely to help others.  Fundraising is necessary to help them carry out this voluntary work in the community and internationally.  We help where help is needed, both in our communities and around the world, repeatedly giving our unmatched integrity and energy.
All kinds of requests are considered for support and Lions are keen to help anyone who is genuinely struggling with ordinary life and the unfortunate things it can from time to time throw at us.  They like to put a smile on people's faces and have fun doing it.  Please support us and help those who would never be able to survive otherwise.  Contact us here or on 0345 833 9529.

You can read the history of the Club as at 2013 here

Our Motto

With the motto 'We Serve', the club is a service organisation which raises funds for charitable purposes and cooperates with other charities and 'not-for-profit' organisations to help them achieve their aims.

The Lion's Story

Our International Lion President Patti Hill and the work of Lions in the world.

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