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'Drovers Day'  -  Saturday 1st July 2023
Wetherby’s Cultural Gala and Brass Band Marching Contest

A day of fun and celebration as part of Leeds ‘City of Culture’ 2023 


It' all over - Read about the day here

It will be back next year - Noon on Sunday 9th June 2024 ? ?

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Read or print the event flyer here 

Why 'The Drovers'?  

For over 150 years, huge numbers of animals were reared in Scotland and then driven to markets in the South of England.


Wetherby’s position on the Great North Road, its ford and bridge, made it an important crossing point, market and stopover for Drovers and their animals.


The trade resulting from Droving helped build the town and its facilities. This history of the lives of ordinary people is often overlooked but it formed the heart of this beautiful part of Leeds.


The Drover’s dilemma was whether to pay to use the safe crossing on the bridge or risk fording the river Wharfe!  Listen to the 'Drover Master', Rob Gray tell the story here and purchase his book here

This event marks the importance of this cultural history of Wetherby using music and the full range of arts and crafts.              ( Bands can apply here )                 

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Read more about the event on Facebook here and on Youtube here

Read more about the work of Lions here 

Read more about the event here 

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