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Featured Lion

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Lion Colin Gaden MJF



Colin Gaden was born at Norton, Malton in 1931 where he attended Malton Grammar School.


Leaving school, he worked for the Public Health Inspector at Malton Town Hall and attended night school in Leeds studying and qualifying in Public Health. He then moved on to work for Flaxton Council.

His next move was to Wetherby as Environmental Health Officer. He enjoyed his time here as, at that time, Wetherby had 10 slaughter houses and Colin undertook all the meat inspections for the various villages as well as general Public Health.


Retiring at the age of 63 and with a long-time interest in theatre, he joined Wetherby Musical Theatre Group as one of the original members where he performed in over 30 shows!


Colin joined Wetherby District Lions 57 years ago and is an original charter member. He recalls lots of fun while helping the community enjoying his times as Santa and concerts with fellow Lions, wives and partners. Twice president of the Lions, Colin has also been voted Townsperson of the Year.

He is also member of Wetherby Men’s Forum where he was Chair for over 6 years.  Sadly at the age of 92 years, Colin passed to 'higher service in January 2023.  He will be missed by both Lion members and the community.

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