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Senior Citizens' Party - Come along again in 2023

Christmas in May 2022  

Making a welcome return after the pandemic, the lunch really did provide a shot in the arm for many senior citizens!  As well as providing the opportunity for people to gather, the first course was a ‘Pfizer Booster’ delivered by colleagues from Wetherby Health Centre!  Eligible guests were given the opportunity to have their COVID booster vaccination before sitting down to lunch!

A more traditional main course of chicken ‘lionaise’ with baked potato followed accompanied by wine, beer and soft drinks. The dessert course was treacle tart and ice cream and the meal finished off with teas and coffees. The excellent food was produced by Cllr. Alan Lamb (Chef-patron) helped by sous chefs Cllr. Norma Harrington and Cllr. Linda Richards.

Three games of bingo with the Mayor of Wetherby, Neil O’Byrne, calling the numbers had some very happy guests collecting handsome boxes of chocolates.

After lunch, guests were entertained with a 60s singalong with Trevor Woodhead on the keyboard.  Bingo prizes and a wonderful raffle prize were supplied by Morrison’s and every guest received an Easter Egg!!

Helping the Lions were the volunteers from HDP Event Medical Services and the waiting staff benefitted from the support of Wetherby’s two PCSOs!

Lion president Tim Ritson summed up the day “I'm delighted  that everyone has had a good time.  The comments from our guests and the 'Thank You' cards I have received confirm that the hard work by the Lions and volunteers has been worthwhile and has achieved the aim of bringing people back together and combatting some of the terrible loneliness that has been prevalent over the last couple of years.  I'm definitely looking forward to repeating the exercise at its more normal date in 2023"

Do you wish to attend the event next time, then look out for announcements next year? 

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And for next year:-

The 'New Year' complimentary meal for the elderly and isolated of our community takes place again on Saturday 22nd January 2022 commencing at 12 Noon.  Lion members and their families, 'Friends of Lions' and many supporters from the local community will again come together to 'serve' the meal to our guests.  This complements our motto 'We Serve'.

We are hoping that Alan Lamb and his catering team and Wetherby High School will again provide the meal and the facilities without whom we could not stage the event.  Following the meal our guests will be treated to a variety show in the school hall where many local artists show off their talents. 


If you are over 65 years of age and wish to attend our event then click here to contact us.  See you there ! !

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