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Campaign for 'Toilet Twinning'

What is Toilet Twinning - It is a shocking and sobering fact that two billion people in some of the poorest countries of the world do not have somewhere safe to go to the toilet. People become sick through sanitation related diseases which means they cannot work or farm their land. Moreover, according to the UN, almost 1000 children die each day from preventable diseases linked to dirty water and poor sanitation.

Join us! It costs £60 to ‘flush away poverty, one toilet at a time.’

Does it cost £60 to build a toilet? The short answer is yes…but it’s not quite that simple! Yes, various partners could bring materials and experts to a village, build a toilet and drive off again. But they don’t.

They start by bringing villagers together to encourage them to create action groups. Over time they plant the idea that change is possible – and change rests in the community’s hands.

For many communities, hearing about the link between sanitation and health is a revelation: a light bulb moment. Many have never known why diarrhoea is so common and why they children have fallen ill or died.

Suddenly they understand and want a latrine – that they build themselves. Because a family who have built their one latrine is much more likely to use it and look after it. Please make your donation here Thank you.


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