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Lions captured around Wetherby!!

Wetherby District Lions have been shot and captured at various events in Wetherby!

The person who does this is always unobtrusive and never appears in any of the photos but her work is all over our website and social media!

It is of course, Tammy, the photographer who captures Lions and others in her great photos most recently of the Lions Dickensian Christmas Market and the Senior Citizens Party. Tammy is almost invisible when attending events but suddenly you are captured in a frame and posted on social media!

Tammy owns ‘Zoom-In Photography’ and when you book her, you are booking a passionate and highly versatile photographer based near York. Full of energy, she has a creative approach to photography and excels in capturing poignant moments in a discreet way.

 Contact her to find out more about her background and skills!

0784 255 5484


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