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COVID Covered ! !

Naming the reindeer

Wetherby District Lions have been ‘doing their bit’ when it comes to helping the fight against Coronavirus! Their gazebos are providing shelter for those queueing for vaccinations. We have had snow, rain, wind and even some sunshine!

Lions are ready for all weathers and the gazebo team is now able to erect and dismantle the equipment in record time! There have even been whispers about the Guinness Book of Records!

The Lions and other volunteers are always on hand to help with parking, sanitising, wheelchairs and general banter. Please say ‘hello’ to all the helpers and we are very appreciative of all who thank us for being there.

Want to gain a qualification in erecting gazebos? Simply join the Lions! See contact details below.

Want to make a positive contribution to your community? Please consider joining our grrrreat team where you will be warmly welcomed. For more information call us on 0345 833 9529 or email or contact us online here

If you wish to help financially then you can donate here Thank you.

Need support? Lion members are always available to assist where appropriate and to support other local clubs, charities, individuals etc. Please visit to discover more of what we do and who we support.


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