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Feeding time for the Lions

Once a year, some of the pride with their partners and friends gather for dinner for a convivial evening to celebrate the original granting of the clubs charter. This year was no exception with dinner and drinks at the Bridge Inn at Walshford.

No charity funds, children's or grandchildren's piggy banks were raided in the feeding of the Lions.

It was also an opportunity to recognize the long service of two particular Lions:

Lion Ken McKenzie (left) and current President Martin Doxey receive the Melvin Jones award from Lions International – Ken has given 50 years to Lions while Martin is still a novice having served only 30 years!!

We regularly take part in a varied range of fun social events, outside of the community work and fundraising events. Would you like to volunteer and be at next years meal, for more information call us on 0345 833 9529 or email or contact us online here


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