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Wetherby Lions donate equipment to Harrogate Hospital Speech Therapy Department

Our photo shows Welfare chairman Stewart Reid demonstrating the Lions Speech Aid to Catherine Isles of Harrogate Hospital’s Speech Therapy department before handing over two of them for use by her department. About the size of the old Sony Walkman personal tape player, if you can remember that far back, the Speech Aids are personal amplifiers used by people whose voices have lost volume, perhaps as a result of laryngal surgery or Parkinsons.

The unit can be clipped to one’s belt and is easily operated by two large touch buttons. It combines with a lightweight boom microphone to enable the wearer to amplify the volume of their voice to an audible level and helps overcome the isolation their condition has imposed on them. If you want to read more about the Lions Speech Aid click on this link to go to Winslow Lions website.

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