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Lions add extra ‘byte’ to lessons!

Lion Ken Campbell withLucie Lakin

(Photo left to right - Lion Ken Campbell and Samantha Jefferson, Head of the School)

Wetherby District Lions, with the assistance of the Lions Club Foundation of the British Isles, have been able to provide funding for laptops for students who are being educated at home during the COVID-19 crisis.

Lion President Tim Ritson said: “This is a significant sum of money that we are putting to good use straightaway. This Coronavirus pandemic is hurting lots of local people in many different ways - just because we are all social distancing doesn’t stop us from caring - we are doing what we can and this cash injection will help us do more.”

Wetherby District Lions Club (CIO) will utilise the grant of £1,000.00 to support the funding of six laptops supervised by staff at our local Wetherby High School. During this critical time of school closure, young people are being educated at home via the internet. However, not all families are able to provide this equipment for their children.

The Executive Head of the School, Lucie Lakin said “ The amazing donation of £1,800 from Wetherby Lions at the start of the COVID outbreak has enabled Wetherby High School to purchase a number of laptops to support students without access to a PC or laptop to have the best opportunities to continue with their learning during the closure period. The impact of this support on learning for these students is making such an amazing difference and will help to ensure that all students return to school having had access to the all the resources they require to continue with their academic development. We cannot thank you enough for your support which has been so greatly received by our students and families.”


When a humanitarian crisis strikes, the Lions Clubs Foundation of the British Isles works with, and is guided by, its own Lions members who are ordinary people actively working at the heart of their communities. Your local Lions Club supports a wide range of good causes and local projects – please visit .

If you would like to help your community we would love to hear from you so please contact us by telephoning 0345 833 9529, by completing the contact form on our website or sending an email to Likewise if you need help in any way with a local project, please get in touch.

We look forward to your continued support.

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