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Yorkshire Tradition - Alive and Well ! !

(Photo: (L-R) Ladies Flat Cap Throwing winner, Erika Dale, with Lion President Martin Doxey presenting a salver and medal)

Wetherby Lions kept the Yorkshire tradition of 'Flat Cap Throwing' alive at the recent Tockwith Show.

Started in Ilkley by Bradford-based poet Glyn Watkins in 2009, as its name suggests, the competition involves throwing hats the longest distance in a test of nerve, hand-eye coordination and accuracy. It also goes along with the song 'Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at' !

The winner on this occasion, Erika Dale, threw a cap 13.85 metres. Look out for us again at local fairs and shows and 'give it a go', (all monies raised will go to helping people in the local community).

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