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What is the world coming to? If Rebecca has her way it's a rosy future...

Rebecca Williams, an avid supporter and volunteer with the Wetherby Lions was honoured last night as a runner up in the Town's Jubilee Awards. Rebecca, just 14 years old was nominated by her Head of House Nick Nightingale for her efforts to helping the Wetherby Lions raise money at their recent Duck Race event.

Here's why Rebecca was nominated...

Rebecca is an ambassador and inspirational student of Wetherby High School. No job is too much for her and she embraces school with happiness and desire. Throughout the year she has volunteered her time to various school projects and events and has been part of the set up for many a parents evening when meeting and greeting parents.

In the Summer of 2015 she helped to plan and liaise with the Wetherby Lions to support the Wetherby Food Festival and Wetherby Duck Race. She helped to organise the selling of ducks throughout the school using competitions and a chance to see the York Rescue Boat in action (The chosen charity of the Wetherby Lions for this event). Through this alone she helped raise over £900 through sales but she wasn’t finished here.

Rebecca spent the afternoon with other vice captains baking cakes in the school canteen so they could be sold at the Wetherby Food Festival. Over the weekend she volunteered her services for 2 consecutive days and spent many an hour in the Lion costume entertaining young children and promoting the stall being manned in collaboration with the school and the Wetherby Lions.

Rebecca was singled out by the Wetherby Lions for her passion and commitment as well as her maturity and attitude when speaking to adults and children.

We would like to pass on our sincere thanks to Rebecca for her continued support. We look forward to our next event with you :-)

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