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Lions Show Pride on Yorkshire Day

Lion Ken Campbell withLucie Lakin

(Photo left to right - Lion President Tim and Mark Hopkins, Morrisons' Community Champion)

Wetherby Lions joined forces with supermarket giant Morrison’s to celebrate Yorkshire Day in the form of a 10-question quiz for shoppers at the town-centre store. And with a giant hamper up for grabs as first prize there was no shortage of aisle-browsers coming up with the answers to the Yorkshire-themed posers.

Fronted by Lion President Tim Ritson and Morrisons' Community Champion Mark Hopkins, see photo, the quiz certainly brought a fun element in these troubled times. Said Tim: “Mark and I wore the traditional Yorkshire flat cap, though we thought it best to leave our whippets back home. We dropped our masks for the photos, with some wags commenting that we looked better with them on! The whole idea was to bring a little sense of community to a town which, like everywhere else, has been turned upside down by the pandemic. The shoppers relished that opportunity, with some easy questions and others that were fiendish. Let’s hope life will return to normal sooner rather than later.”

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