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Lions for all ages ! !

(Photo left to right - Lion Ken C and Lion John W with the Lions display boards)

Well done to Heather at Home Instead for organising an information hub for the older generation in the Wetherby Town Hall on Thursday 5th August 2021.

A range of community and other organisations were present and, although the services would be relevant to all ages, it was particularly appropriate for the older generation.

Wetherby District Lions are ready to offer support to those who need it and who meet our criteria. Detailed below are some examples of support given in recent months:

Bramham Village Hall Committee - The Bramham Village Hall Committee were very grateful to all at Wetherby Lions for the generous donation towards their Community Christmas Lunch and Hampers.

Christmas hampers for deserving families - There are few things better than receiving a Christmas hamper, filled to the brim with favourite seasonal treats! Thanks to the community spirit in Wetherby together with support by Lion members, a large number of deserving families received such a gift at Christmas.

The battle against Covid-19 - January 2021 got off to a flying start when Wetherby District Lions helped with gazebos, car parking and the provision of wheelchairs for those with mobility issues at the local Wetherby Vaccination Hub.

Thanking voluntary carers - Wetherby District Lions said "thank you" to forty (40) voluntary carers who work tirelessly to look after relatives and friends. Restrictions prevented Lion members being able to organise a meal, but with a very generous donation from Sir Robert Ogden, Lions produced forty vouchers that were distributed to carers being redeemable at two local hostelries in Walton and Kirk Deighton.

Senior Citizens Party - COVID-19 prevented this year’s annual 'Christmas Lunch' for Wetherby District senior citizens from being held. We hope to be back on track very early in the New Year. Please look out for notices on our website - !

Want to make a positive contribution to your community? Please consider joining our grrrreat team where you will be warmly welcomed. For more information call us on 0345 833 9529 or email or contact us online here

If you wish to help financially then you can donate here Thank you.

Need support? Lion members are always available to assist where appropriate and to support other local clubs, charities, individuals etc. Please visit to discover more of what we do and who we support.


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