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Lions Support NHS/Community Fundraiser !

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Wetherby District Lions are saying ‘thank you!’ to Claire Maxted Wiggins and supporting her in her fundraising.

Claire, despite having severe disabilities, raises money for charity and in lockdown is making 'Pamper Hampers' for members of the community, for GPs, nurses and even carers, full of handmade items and a range of useful products.

Lions in partnership with Morrison’s are helping Claire to fill hampers and if you are inspired by Claire’s story and her determination and would like to support her, please contact Wetherby District Lions at or if you wish to help us help more carers then you can donate here Thank you.

Claire’s personal story - I have four types of Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Costochondritis, Asthma and other health issues. I need 24/7 care and live with chronic pain. I am 41 and was diagnosed at 15. I am a fundraiser and volunteer and have 25 years’ experience. I have raised over £60,000 in 25 years for various charities. I have done many events over the years, Walks, Coffee mornings are, Race nights, A head shave, Discos, BBQ, walked half marathon with help of my mum and a wheelchair, zipline of Tyne bridge and walk over the O2 arena in London (both places cater for disabled people and also, I had to get permission from GP and specialist beforehand.) I was Yorkshire community hero 2010 and I also carried the Olympic torch in Tadcaster in 2012.

I do arts and crafts and have over 4000 followers over social media, following what I am making, I make Jewellery, Candles, Wax melts, Soaps and so much more, and I sell them. ALL proceeds go to various charities.

So far, I have delivered 60 care packages to Harrogate hospital, GP surgeries, Carers working in care homes and key workers. I've received letters of thanks. I also want to spread love and positivity so others in a similar situation could also do something similar. I wanted to thank the NHS for the care they've given me over the years and also thank them for all their hard work during the pandemic. I reached out to members of the community, and businesses by letter, in person and on social media and the response has been amazing.

I don't have any other events planned as yet but I do hope to do a raffle in the future to raise funds for Captain Sir Tom Moore foundation or NHS charities together. I know coronavirus isn't going away in a hurry and therefore hope to continue with my care packages for several months, but also make special care packages for children on children's wards, the elderly (in wards and care homes) and even mother and baby care packages for mums and baby units!!! And possibly make care packages for staff and patients in local hospices too. And possibly make some care packages for Front liner’s children who are still attending school. So, I do have a lot planned!!!

Need support? Lion members are always available to assist where appropriate and to support other local clubs, charities, individuals etc. Please visit to discover more of what we do and who we support.

Want to make a positive contribution to your community? Please consider joining our grrrreat team where you will be warmly welcomed ! ! Call us on 0345 833 9529 or contact us online here for more information.


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