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Lovell Homes Sponsor New Bench with Wetherby Lions

[Photo - Lion John (centre) and Lion Martin (right) with Lovell Homes staff]

Wetherby District Lions Club (CIO) together with leading housebuilder, Lovell Homes, have paved the way in refurbishing Harland Ways’ foot and cycle path.

Originally stretching from Spofforth to Wetherby and dedicated to the former Lion President, Peter Harland, it has recently been extended to Thorp Arch. Following a period of increased public use during the pandemic, Wetherby Lions made the decision to help breathe new life into the old railway path. Several benches along the original stretch had deteriorated and to help complete the project, Lovell sponsored a new bench along the extended route.

It's hoped the path, which is located near Lovell Thorp Arch development, Bloomfield, will help to improve the local area and bring together those living in the surrounding communities of Spofforth, Wetherby and Thorp Arch.

Colette Ben Tarcha, Regional Sales Director, said: “We’re always passionate about supporting the local communities in all the areas that we build in, so it was fantastic to be able to lend Wetherby Lions a helping hand during this important pathway refurbishment project in Thorp Arch. Given the developments location, we thought this was a fantastic opportunity to support a local charity and give back to the community.”

The new bench will be located between Wetherby and Thorp Arch and is made from long-lasting steel to withstand weather and corrosion. As well as being vandal-proof and designed specifically for wheelchair accessibility, the bench requires minimal maintenance.

Colette added: “It was brilliant to work with Wetherby Lions whose commitment to creating spaces our community can enjoy is admirable. We were delighted to see the installation of our bench along the path, and we hope residents and visitors to Thorp Arch, Spofforth and Wetherby can enjoy the restful pit stop along the scenic route for years to come.”

Tim Ritson, Lion President at Wetherby Lions said: “Since lockdown, increasing numbers of people are using the Harland Way path. Several of the seating benches along the railway path had deteriorated with age, to the extent that they were unusable. Wetherby Lions has refurbished these benches and we are grateful to have had the support of Lovell Homes to include an addition bench.

“Often, we find that we take the place we live for granted, so being able to highlight the scenic footpaths within the place we call home is something that’s important to us. It was great to see different organisations come together to make a difference to an old, worn-out railway line.

“We’d like to say a massive thank you to Lovell Homes for all their support with this project. We hope locals and prospective buyers enjoy the walk along the new-look path along with the chance to spend time enjoying the stunning scenery while sitting on the new bench.”

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