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Santa goes back to school ! !

Naming the reindeer

(Photo - Santa has been working really hard on behalf of Wetherby District Lions Club and has posted a photo taken of him relaxing at the North Pole)

Santa 'zoomed' into Wetherby last week at the special invitation of the children who attend Deighton Gates and St. James’s primary schools and answered questions from six classes via Zoom!

The children were delighted to hear that Santa had already had his COVID jab and so would definitely be coming! There were lots of questions about how hard the elves were working and how the reindeer travelled so quickly. It was clear that this Christmas will be a good one as far as Santa is concerned. Many of the children were planning to leave goodies out (not too many!!) and one class had been making reindeer food – a big ‘thank you’ from Rudolf!

It was a happy visit from everyone’s point of view and Santa was delighted when each class sang a Christmas song for him.

“Thank you so much for today. All the teachers said how great you were and how much the children enjoyed the experience! Have a lovely Christmas.” Natalie Beatson and children at St. James’s Primary School.

“Thank you so much for this afternoon, the children were delighted. Sorry for the technical issues but we got there in the end!” Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Rebecca Bourne and all the children at Deighton Gates xxx

See you soon Santa!!


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