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Shocking Time for Wetherby Lions ! !

(Photo: Lion Alan delivering resuscitation to 'Annie', with trainer Jamie giving instructions)

Defibrillators, sometimes referred to as a ‘shock box,’ are now a common site around the country but despite their simplicity many people would not be comfortable in using one.

The Lions funded one of the first defibrillators in the area, used by St John Ambulance (SJA) in Wetherby more decades ago than the current President cares to remember – having been a member of the Wetherby SJA Division at the time and being instrumental in approaching the Lions Club for financial assistance in the purchase of this latest life saving technology.

Rapidly moving on to the present and the Lions, alongside other organisations, have contributed to many more defibrillators being stationed around the town. It was therefore decided to make sure members were familiar with their use and a basic first aid and defibrillator awareness course was organised for a Saturday in April.

A training defibrillator and several resuscitation mannequins were brought in by one of the First Aid organisations used in Lion’s events and training carried out by their experienced staff. Topics covered were the treatment of heart attack, coronary arrest and choking plus moving casualties into the recovery position whilst awaiting the emergency services.

The recovery figures for heart attacks and cardiac arrest vary according to different studies (and the cause of the arrest) but a general indication is that without any intervention there is probably a 10% survival rate, with CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and delayed defibrillation there is about 40% survival rate and with CPR and defibrillation administered within 3 minutes there is a 70% survival rate.

Hopefully this life saving action is something very few people will have to deal with but this training should expand the Lion’s ethic of ‘where there is a need there is a Lion’. Thanks to the Days Inn Wetherby for providing the facilities for the training sessions.

(Photo - Lions and trainers enjoying themselves at the resuscitation training)

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