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Townsperson of the Year 2023 - recognition they deserve

(Photo: Winners of the 'Townsperson of the Year 2022' award - Aileen Dunlop and Rob Gray)

Who has gone above and beyond in supporting the community in 2022? If you know the answer please nominate them for this prestigious Wetherby Lions 'Townsperson of the Year 2023' award using the Wetherby Lions website here or print the nomination form here and post.

Previous winners have helped us get through Covid-19, created relaxing musical enjoyment at the bandstand and organised a visual treat with beautiful flowers all over Wetherby. It may be a small thing that has helped one person tremendously or something that has benefited most of the population of the town. You decide and let us know. Read more of the award here

The successful recipient will be presented with the award, a silver plaque, at the Wetherby Lions 'Dickensian Christmas Market and Craft Fayre' to be held on Sunday 11th December 2022 in Wetherby Market Place. Read more about the event here

In addition if you feel you have some time to spare and would like to contribute to your local community either as a member of Lions or as one of our friendly helpers please get in touch.

Want to make a positive contribution to your community? Please consider joining our grrrreat team where you will be warmly welcomed. For more information call us on 0345 833 9529 or email or contact us online here

If you wish to help financially then you can donate here Thank you.

Need support? Lion members are always available to assist where appropriate and to support other local clubs, charities, individuals etc. Please visit to discover more of what we do and who we support.


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